Why Mexico?


As the healthy lifestyle movement sweeps across the U.S., our southern neighbor, Mexico, is also in the midst of a surge in healthy living. In Mexico, the demand for healthier products has been growing over the last several years given the rise in overall health awareness and due to a large young population, 50 percent of the country is under 25, driving healthy living.

Mexico is considered the most obese country in the world, and for this reason, the Mexican government has made a long term commitment to health education campaigns and new food nutrition laws focusing on young children. Due to these major health awareness promotions, a large number of Mexican consumers are now adapting healthier ways of life including better eating habits.

 As healthier food products begin to increase throughout Mexico, so have healthier personal care and household cleaning products. Mexico is one of the largest markets for personal care products in Latin America.  Products using natural and organic ingredients are becoming popular because of the consumer’s growing interest in chemically-clean products.

U.S. suppliers have an advantage over other local and international manufacturers since they have developed and marketed certified natural and organic products that meet the performance of conventional products, but local manufacturers have not made as many products with this kind of performance, however, they are improving.

  • Mexico is the United States’ second largest export partner

  • Duty free benefits under The North American Free Trade Agreement

  • The largest Hispanic country in the world

  • A growing, diverse economy

  • A large young population with a rising level of education

  • Geographically, Mexico is much more affordable and easier market for exporters

There are many opportunities for companies to capitalize on markets that are still in the early years in Mexico, as trends toward natural, organic, gluten-free and Non-GMO spread across the increasingly health-conscious  Mexican market.