“The MPHS has been a great event for our new brand and healthy snack product. Our product was presented at the MPHS last 2017 and since then it has been a great success!

We have presence all over Mexico and in our second event this 2018 we had a fantastic show.   Our customers and top retailers now know the product and are trusting on us for their shelfs and healthy offers.   We definitively will keep participating in this event and will use it for launching new products and presentations like during the last 2 Summits.

We want to recognize also the great organization and logistics of the event, we really enjoy those 3 days working at Puerto Vallarta with friends!   This is the perfect environment for new, long lasting and exciting business!!”  Jesus Nunez,  Director General,  4-Buddies,  Miraestels Foods

“The Mexican Healthy Products Summit is a great blend of buyer and manufacturer interaction both in talking business and also in getting to know one another. The set-up and activities are such that if you don’t meet and talk to someone, it’s because you didn’t want to.”  –John Honeck, V.P. Sales — BEANFIELDS

 “We made great customer connections, received the feedback we needed to help us enter the market correctly, and made great distributor connections, too. The intimate nature of the event is very inviting. Best of all, the accountability that is driven to make all customer meetings take place is the best I’ve seen. –Grant Rice, V.P. Sales, –BOOMCHICKAPOP

 “This was our first show and it was a success.   We will be moving forward and entering the market. The one on one meetings were invaluable.” Tom Lagomarsini, Executive VP — SAM MILLS

 “If you are new to the Mexican market, The Mexican Healthy Products Summit is a great way to explore and learn about the Mexican market.  The learning opportunities and networking are invaluable.  For those already in the market, this is a great way to forge new relationships and build on existing ones.  I would recommend The Mexican Healthy Products Summit for brand owners looking to expand into this growing market.”  Scott Jacobsen, President/CEO, Crunchies Natural Food Company

 “What an outstanding event!  Everything from the exhibit hall setup and the speakers to the one-on-one meetings and the social hours exceeded our expectations and gave us the opportunity to learn about healthy products distribution in Mexico while making key buyer and distributor contacts.  The staff did an excellent job planning the show and were always available for any needed support.  Highly recommended!”–Ashley Blake, COO, Bona Dea Gluten Free

 “The Mexican Healthy Products Summit is a great way for companies to engage retailers and distributors trying to gain distribution in Mexico.  The organizers are very accommodating in meeting the needs of both suppliers and buyers.  The event was very beneficial in creating business opportunities and making new personal connections.  Naturade will be back every year.”  –Kareem Cook, Managing Partner, Naturade

 “The Mexican Healthy Products Summit in Puerto Vallarta is the most unique tradeshow experience. Set in a beautiful setting and wonderful accommodations, this expo brings buyers and sellers together for 2 days of meetings, expo and networking opportunities in order to promote natural products in Mexico. You leave Puerto Vallarta with great sales leads, hopefully a great Mexican distributor and immediately begin looking forward to the next year’s summit.”  –Tina Kosumi, Business Development Manager,  Sweetleaf Stevia

 “We enjoyed ourselves and look forward to participating next January. The show was productive and successful for us, we anticipate some great new accounts.”–Steve Kelly, COO, Barney Butter

 “Excellent venue to connect directly with key decision makers especially with Large retailers – Fascinating speakers”–Frédérique Prou, Kittrich Corp., Little Twig and Eco Me, Head of International Development/Sales

 “Extremely productive….we found the networking to be outstanding. It gave us the opportunity to meet new customers and open up some new doors to the Mexican market.”  –Joe Gancio, Vice President, General Manager, International Sales — Boulder Brands

“The possibility to meet the right buyers with dedicated time to each one and everything in just one weekend made the event most worthwhile. The event showed great professionalism on the part of the organizing team and resulted in an excellent opportunity for us as a brand of organic products to meet potential buyers in a market like Mexico. We appreciate the opportunity to share time spent with each of the retailers and learn from your comments.”–Christian Boada, Cofounder & CEO, AMARA Babyfood

 “It was a very well organized event. The organizers did a fantastic job….and I loved the one on one meeting format. We had high quality meetings, and I really liked the messages from the speakers. I would definitely recommend the event.”  –Jan Churnus, Vice President of International Sales — Bob’s Red Mill

 “ It has been a wonderful event. We had a great chance to be able to meet retailers. In the past, we only had distribution going through distributors into Mexico, so we did not have contact with the retailers themselves. We had a real chance to sit down and talk to the retailers and discuss how we build our brand to the consumer and connect with the consumer that wants healthy and organic products.”  –Todd Kluger, Vice President of Sales — Lundberg Family Farms

 “We knew it would be a great opportunity to come and meet the Mexican buyers of the stores. We’re so glad we could be here. It’s been a fantastic experience. I acquired a lot of support from the trade show team leading up to the show, and they were extraordinarily responsive. Every step of the way, the trade show team have been the perfect hosts for us , bringing us together with the buyers and helping us connect with them and these huge markets that are here. I highly recommend The Mexican Healthy Products Summit.” Eric Pasimio, Business Development Manager — Sunfood Super Foods

 “It’s been a great show for us. We met a lot of new customers, and we learned how to enter the Mexican market.”  –Pat Deveau, Director of Sales- Desert Essence

 –Buyer Testimonials–

“The Mexican Healthy Products Summit is a very enriching event where as a buyer it gives you the opportunity to know about global trends, innovations and new products, as well as knowing and strengthening relationships with many suppliers with whom, working together, we can offer the best and healthier products to our customers.”


“The best food trends event for retail stores. This event nourishes us with cutting edge information both to understand the market and the products. We like to be able to talk face to face with the producers and understand their products, from their motivation to their sale. Thank you!”


“Excellent in every way! It was a very good opportunity to develop new business and open markets in our stores!”


“The organization of The Mexican Healthy Products Summit was excellent. The staff attended to us marvelously and we were met with many new business opportunities…”


“…We are grateful for the opportunity they gave us to participate in The Summit. Recently, we had a business meeting in Mexico with one of the suppliers we met at the show. I am happy to announce that we will now offer their products in our stores. Next week, we have an appointment with another vendor who we met at The Mexican Healthy Products Summit and I am sure we will come to a deal, as we are very interested in their products. I wanted to tell you this because it is a testament to your hard work and dedication to this Summit.”


“Allow my to congratulate you for the excellent organization that you had at The Summit. Everything was brilliant!
…It was important to personally meet product suppliers that our company is interested in and to now have personal contacts for possible key accounts. This event was very pleasant and successful, and now I can contact the various suppliers who I met at The Summit. Without a doubt, the personal communication proved for easier and more productive business for companies.”


“Our first Summit was wonderful because we now know and understand why it is so important to buy healthy products. The speakers were great because we could see statistics about the Mexican market, which helped us understand how we can work with the new products In Mexico. The one- on- one meetings were also very helpful because we could talk with the supplier and learn about their products and the benefits of them, first hand.”


“It was great to have the opportunity to do more business with the brands that interest our company, because everyday now, there is more and more demand in Mexico for products related to health and well-being. It was also fantastic to learn about the potential of products that we don’t carry like personal care, special diet, and other newly trending products.”


“The focus on the trends of the healthy products industry was very important and beneficial…The Summit offered a variety of products that we can now offer to the Mexican consumer”


“The Summit was very beneficial for our company because we found new products that can be sold in our stores, learned about healthy market trends, and understood that problems importing goods across borders is a general one, not just for Mexico. It was also very productive for us to make new contacts from the suppliers of products that interest us.”


“The Mexican Healthy Products Summit was very helpful from a buyer’s perspective because I learned more about the current market trends of healthy and organic products, which are both growing categories.”